TJSM’s objective is to understand the framework under which an organization operates and provide business consultancy services to companies. Based on this understanding, TJSM focuses on validating business plans and implementing successful business strategies. In an ever-changing and complex business environment, organizations are constantly striving to innovate, optimize business practices, grow, and protect their businesses. It is, therefore, essential for organizations to collaborate with professionals who can offer valuable insights to achieve efficiency in terms of operational improvement, capitalize on opportunities within the given regulatory framework, and help deliver better working outcomes.

Business planning

Business planning is a key part of creating a successful business. Planning helps assess how good a business idea is and decide the best way to achieve the plans. At TJSM, we assist in determining all important issues in a systematic way and provide a strategic approach or plan that can be used to run the business, measure progress, and revise and update the strategy over time. Effective planning helps develop a business strategy that takes into account what the business is trying to achieve and what competitive threats it faces.


Accounting outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing is a cost-effective way for organizations to improve their finance and accounting functions. The key benefits of outsourcing include fractional use of finance and accounting professionals, enhanced processes and technologies, and stronger compliance measures. Outsourcing enables organizations to scale resources up and down as needed with no obligation to pay salaries or benefit costs. Additionally, it alleviates the burden of hiring, training, and maintaining accounting staff.

Comparative analysis of financial reports

Comparative analysis is a way to identify the competitive positions and operating results of a business over a defined period. We assess a company’s financial statements using percentages, ratios, and amounts when making financial comparative analyses. By analyzing financial comparatives, businesses are able to pinpoint significant trends and project future trends with the identification of considerable or abnormal changes.



Compliance outsourcing

Financial institutions around the world are outsourcing and offshoring core processes to reduce annual costs, increase capabilities, and improve quality. Compliance outsourcing helps to gain efficiency and quality through leveraging structured processes and seamless execution of end-to-end processes, from compliance assessment through corrective action.


Internal restructuring consultancy

Corporate financial restructuring involves restructuring the assets and liabilities of corporations, including their debt-to-equity structures, in line with their cash-flow needs to promote efficiency, support growth, and maximize value to shareholders, creditors, and other stakeholders.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is one of the most important elements to get right for a company aiming for success. It is not simply about setting out what a company does, and it does not dictate exactly what a company will be doing in five years’ time. It will allow the company to function correctly, and for growth to be sustainable and long-lasting. Drawing on our expert business insight, we assist companies in inventing a strategy that will help them sustain a crisp competitive edge.

Transactional services

For each organization, transactions represent significant business events. It is, therefore, of great importance to implement a tailored approach and involve experienced and dedicated specialists to bring deals safely through to a conclusion. Our Transaction Services team helps clients identify risks in transactions, so they can make informed strategic decisions with confidence. Our team works closely with key stakeholders and advisors, including lawyers and financiers, to provide a synergistic approach to navigating transactions.

IND-AS Implementation

The IND-AS is a set of standards that have been harmonized with the IFRS to make reporting by Indian companies more accessible globally. IND-AS involves the application of several new and complex concepts, which require a significant level of judgment and estimation, accompanied by detailed qualitative and quantitative disclosures. TJSM provides the following services in IND-AS implementation:


  1. Assistance in identifying and deciding new policies and procedures required to be implemented under IND-AS
  2. Assistance in the implementation of identified changes for convergence to IND-AS
  3. Training your staff on key IND- AS concepts and requirements
  4. Assistance in the compilation of financial statements under IND- AS